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Print Shop is Open!

Hey all -  I’m excited to share that I’ve opened up a shop on my website where I currently have a selection of prints available. As of now, it’s just a small number of items including a limited run of my Tenacious D illustration, “Double Team Supreme” as well as a few A5 prints of drawings I did for Caricature Resolution (Elvis Presley, Usain Bolt, The Weeknd, and Denzel Washington as Macbeth). The Tenacious D piece is printed on a sturdy, 100% recycled card stock and is from a limited run of 10. For those, I’m asking £24 + shipping. The A5 prints are available on one of two paper types, and are £8 + shipping. All available pieces were printed locally in Leeds by PRINT.WORK.

Right now I can only guarantee shipping within the UK but if there’s enough demand and I can keep the costs low, I would love to make international shipping available. Speaking of demand, If there are any pieces of mine you’d like to see as a print, let me know! If you’re outside of the UK and have interest in any of my works, also let me know so I can prioritize my international shipping research.

Last thing I want to mention - while the shop is just limited to prints at the moment, I plan to expand it to offer caricature commissions. I have a few things to figure out on the backend so that I can streamline the process of ordering, but once I do, I’ll start spreading the word!

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